Revolutionizing City Planning in the 21st Century with Windows Azure, HDInsight, and SQL Server

If you’ve ever played a video game where you manage a virtual city, you understand how real-time insight into services including emergency response teams and transportation is needed for effective city planning. Until recently, the technologies just weren’t available to support this kind of detailed “big picture” view enjoyed by gamers. However, now that Big… Read more

Microsoft to Join the Big Data Conversation as an Elite Sponsor at Strata + Hadoop World, NYC

On October 28-30, Microsoft will join 2,700 of the world’s leading big data scientists, CIOs and executives at the Strata+Hadoop conference in New York City. For some, Microsoft does not come immediately to mind when thinking about leadership in data; however, along with the power of HDInsight, Microsoft is working to democratize big data –… Read more

Getting Started with Microsoft Big Data, Hive and HDInsight Jump Start

Join us live June 21st for in-depth training on Microsoft’s Big Data solution set. This free Webcast from Microsoft Virtual Academy will be the first in a series tailored for architects and seasoned developers interested in a demo-heavy learning experience that will help you get valuable insights from large and complex data. The course will… Read more

Now Available: HDP for Windows from Hortonworks

Today Hortonworks announced the general availability of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for Windows, the industry’s first 100 percent Open Source Apache Hadoop-based distribution for Windows. The beta version of HDP for Windows was released two months ago at the Strata Conference in Santa Clara Hortonworks and was well received by industry press. This is a… Read more

Go ‘From Data to Insights’ on March 26th in an Exclusive Webcast from Microsoft and The Economist

Big data brings big challenges, but also opportunities–for people and companies to gain insight, spot trends and make decisions in ways never before thought possible.  In the battle of the buzzwords, "big data" is poised to render "guestimation" obsolete. To better understand the impact of big data on the future of global business, Microsoft is… Read more

Microsoft’s Database Research Lab Conceives PolyBase to Easily Join Relational Data With Data From Hadoop

Complementing Microsoft’s overall Big Data strategy, PolyBase is a breakthrough new technology on the data processing engine in SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance designed as the simplest way to combine non-relational data and traditional relational data in your analysis. While customers would normally burden IT to pre-populate the warehouse with Hadoop data or… Read more

O’Reilly Strata: Busting Big Data Adoption Myths with Halo 4–Part 3

Structured or unstructured – what to store? How about all of it? I spoke at the O’Reilly Strata Conference last year and am back again this year to share thoughts about big data. It’s been a remarkable year for Microsoft’s data platform team. While we’ve had a long history in the data space, last year… Read more

O’Reilly Strata: Busting Big Data Adoption Myths–Part 1

Think infrastructure and scalability will impede your path to big data analytics? Windows Azure HDInsight is your big data solution. It’s the first day of the O’Reilly Strata conference in Santa Clara, CA and I’m looking forward to learning more about big data and talking to all of the customers, partners and industry influencers at… Read more

PASS BAC PREVIEW SERIES: SQL Professionals and the World of Self-service BI and Big Data

As the PASS Business Analytics Conference approaches, we are excited to host this new blog series featuring content from some of the amazing speakers that you will experience at PASS BAC, April 10-12 in Chicago. This new conference is the place where Business Analytics professionals will gather to connect, share and learn in world class… Read more

What Does Big Data Mean to You?

As a company that for many years has been committed to delivering end-to-end data platform technologies to our customers, we’re excited about all the attention big data is receiving from press, analysts and the industry. While all the pundits are in general agreement that big data is the next greatest IT trend, the definition of… Read more