How six lines of code + SQL Server can bring Deep Learning to ANY App

The link to the source code is here. The What Part Deep Learning is a hot buzzword of today. The recent results and applications are incredibly promising, spanning areas such as speech recognition, language understanding and computer vision. Indeed, Deep Learning is now changing the very customer experience around many of Microsoft’s products, including HoloLens,… Read more

Welcome 2017! Recap of top SQL Server posts of 2016

We start off the new year with a quick recap of our most popular posts on this blog channel from the year just concluded. Here are the posts that got the most number of views from our readers during 2016, in increasing order of readership: 10. SQL Server 2016 Express Edition in Windows containers In… Read more

SQL Server next version Community Technology Preview 1.1 now available

Microsoft is excited to announce that the next version of SQL Server (SQL Server v.Next) Community Technology Preview (CTP) 1.1 is now available for download on both Windows and Linux. In SQL Server v.Next CTP 1.1, part of our rapid preview model, we made enhancements to several database engine and Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities which… Read more

SQL Server on Linux: How? Introduction

This post was authored by Scott Konersmann, Partner Engineering Manager, SQL Server, Slava Oks, Partner Group Engineering Manager, SQL Server, and Tobias Ternstrom, Principal Program Manager, SQL Server. Introduction We first announced SQL Server on Linux in March, and recently released the first public preview of SQL Server on Linux (SQL Server v.Next CTP1) at… Read more

SQL Server + C#: What’s new

This post was authored by Andrea Lam, Program Manager, SQL Server With the release of SQL Server v.Next public preview on Linux and Windows, the ability to connect to SQL Server on Linux, Windows, Docker or macOS (via Docker) makes cross-platform support for all connectors, including .NET Framework and .NET Core SqlClient, even more important…. Read more

SQL Server + PHP – What’s new

This post is authored by Meet Bhagdev, Program Manager, Microsoft PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages for web developers today. The Microsoft PHP Connector for SQL Server is used to connect PHP applications to SQL Server, whether SQL Server is hosted in the cloud, on-premises or provided as a platform as… Read more

SQL Server + Python — What’s new

Python is one of the most popular and fastest-growing languages used today. Pyodbc (Python-SQL Server Connector) is an open source Python module maintained by Michael Kleehammer that uses ODBC Drivers to connect to SQL Server. It allows you to connect from the platform of your choice to SQL Server on-premises and in the cloud. Pyodbc… Read more

Introducing SQL Server Premium Assurance

IT departments are in a fundamental state of change, with the drive for digital transformation creating many net new applications and moving others to the cloud. At the same time, companies must also maintain stable and secure operation of their existing applications databases. To provide better flexibility in managing these diverse priorities, Microsoft is announcing… Read more

SQL Server + Node.js – What’s new?

JavaScript is the most popular and active programming language among developers across various industries. Tedious Node.js connector is a JavaScript implementation of the Tabular Data Stream (TDS) protocol. This Node.js connector allows you to connect from platform of your choice to SQL Server on premise and in the cloud. Tedious is a native JavaScript connector… Read more

SQL Server + Java: What’s new

Java continues to be one of the most widely used programming languages for a variety of application scenarios and industries. The Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server is used to connect Java applications to SQL Server, whether SQL Server is hosted in the cloud or on-premises, or provided as a platform-as-a-service. With the release of… Read more