SQL Server named DBMS of the Year by DB-Engines

SQL Server was recently named DBMS of the Year by DB-Engines. DB-Engines is an initiative to collect and present information on database management systems, and provides a widely accepted popularity ranking of database management systems, and has been created and maintained by solid IT, an Austrian company with a special focus on database consulting and… Read more

December 2016 Leaderboard of Database Systems contributors on MSDN

This post was authored by Rahul Venkatraj, Program Manager, Data Platform Group We continue to receive encouraging comments from the community on the Leaderboard. Thank you. Many congratulations to the top-10 contributors featured on our December leaderboard! Olaf Helper and Alberto Morillo top the Overall and Cloud database this month. Six of this month’s Overall Top-10… Read more

SQL Server next version CTP 1.2 now available

As part of our rapid preview model, Microsoft is excited to announce that the next version of SQL Server (SQL Server v.Next) Community Technology Preview (CTP) 1.2 is now available on both Windows and Linux. In CTP 1.2 we implemented bug fixes and added support for SQL Server v.Next on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. You… Read more

Announcing the SQL Server v.Next Early Adoption Program

This post was authored by Anna Shrestinian, Program Manager, SQL Server What is the SQL Server Early Adoption Program (SQL EAP)? The SQL Server Early Adoption Program (SQL EAP) is a Microsoft program started in January 2017 to help both customers and partners adopt the next version of SQL Server before general availability. Who is… Read more

Announcing Columnstore Indexes and Query Store support in Database Engine Tuning Advisor

The latest version of Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DTA) supports two new features: (a) Ability to recommend columnstore indexes in addition to rowstore indexes, and (b) Ability to automatically select a workload to tune from the Query Store. These new features are available when tuning for SQL Server 2016 Database Engine (or later)… Read more

How six lines of code + SQL Server can bring Deep Learning to ANY App

The link to the source code is here. The What Part Deep Learning is a hot buzzword of today. The recent results and applications are incredibly promising, spanning areas such as speech recognition, language understanding and computer vision. Indeed, Deep Learning is now changing the very customer experience around many of Microsoft’s products, including HoloLens,… Read more

Welcome 2017! Recap of top SQL Server posts of 2016

We start off the new year with a quick recap of our most popular posts on this blog channel from the year just concluded. Here are the posts that got the most number of views from our readers during 2016, in increasing order of readership: 10. SQL Server 2016 Express Edition in Windows containers In… Read more