SQL Server 2014 Hybrid Cloud Scenarios: Migrating On-Premises SQL Server to Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Those of you who have tried the new version of SQL Server Management Studio might have noticed already that it has a couple of new wizards added. One of those wizards is sitting next to the already existing that has been allowing you to deploy to a Windows Azure SQL Database service (former SQL Azure)… Read more

Boosting Transaction Performance in Windows Azure Virtual Machines with In-Memory OLTP

With the release of SQL Server 2014 CTP2, you can now significantly boost the performance of your OLTP workloads in Windows Azure Virtual Machines. By creating a new VM with our preloaded image of SQL Server 2014 CTP2 on Windows Server 2012 R2, or installing SQL Server 2014 CTP2 on your VM, In-Memory OLTP functionalities… Read more

Two SQL Server Jump Starts, Live on December 3rd and 4th

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the SQL Server 2014 CTP2?  Essentially feature complete, this second public community technical preview enables you to try and test all of the capabilities of the full SQL Server 2014 release. To help get you trained on the new capabilities, Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) has two lively, demo filled… Read more

The Modern Data Warehouse

In recent surveys by TDWI Research, roughly half of respondents report that they will replace their primary data warehouse (DW) platform and/or analytic tools within three years. Ripping out and replacing a DW or analytics platform is expensive for IT budgets and intrusive for business users. This raises the question: What circumstances would lead so… Read more

Evolving your SQL Server Data Warehouse to the Next Generation, High Performance Solution, the SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW)

Last week, we highlighted a whitepaper that focused on the performance benefits of SQL Server PDW and how it differs from traditional SQL Server. We’ve seen many SQL Server customers evolve to this latest PDW as their next generation platform for their data warehouse infrastructure for many of the reasons noted in that whitepaper and… Read more

How Does SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) Deliver the Performance that it Does?

Last week, we introduced you to SQL Server PDW, the version of SQL Server built specifically for high performance data warehousing that delivers performance gains of up to 50x compared to traditional data warehouses. The next logical question we often get is “how is this possible?” Is it just SQL Server running on special hardware?… Read more

SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP: Memory Management for Memory-Optimized Tables

Memory-optimized tables must fully reside in memory and can’t be paged out. Unlike disk-based tables where insufficient memory can slowdown an application, the impact to  memory-optimized tables upon encountering out-of-memory can be severe, causing  DML (i.e. delete, insert or update) operations to fail. While this adds a new dimension to managing memory, the application failure… Read more

Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools Update

With the release of SQL Server 2014 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2) and the commercial release of Visual Studio 2013, we are excited to announce new preview releases of SQL Server Data Tools to support both database and business intelligence projects. SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence for SQL Server 2014 Preview To support… Read more

SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP: Nonclustered Indexes for Memory-Optimized Tables

SQL Server 2014 CTP1 introduced hash indexes for memory-optimized tables. Hash indexes are very efficient for point lookups, when you know exactly the value you are looking for. However, they do not perform well if you need a range of value, for example a date range, or if you need to retrieve the rows in… Read more

New In-Memory OLTP Sample for SQL Server 2014 CTP2

To help you get started with the new In-Memory OLTP feature, we created a sample around sales order processing based on the AdventureWorks sample database. The sample, along with installation and usage instructions, are available on Codeplex: https://msftdbprodsamples.codeplex.com/releases/view/114491 We encourage you to download and install the sample to become familiar with the new memory-optimized tables… Read more