Looking Back – Top 10 highlights of 2007

Well, it’s that time of the year when we look back at the past year and compile our top highlights of the year. Everyone loves a good Top 10 list so here’s mine (in no particular order):  SQL Server 2008 announcement: We unveiled details on the upcoming version of SQL Server at the BI Conference…. Read more

RML Utilities for SQL Server

The SQL Server support team just released a set of tools (RML Utilities) to help database administrators manage the performance of Microsoft SQL Server. With the RML Utilities you can answer questions such as the following:   ·         Which application, database or login is consuming the most resources, and which queries are responsible for that…. Read more

SQL Server 2008 Launch Sessions

As we get closer to launch – we have started locking down the sessions that we will have at launch. There are going to be 3 technical tracks at launch along with 1 track for IT Manager. For the 3 technical tracks, we will have 1 for Data Platform, 1 for Infrastructure and1 for developers…. Read more

New ADO.NET Entity Framework and Tools CTPs released!

The much anticipated ADO.NET Entity Framework (Beta 3) and the ADO.NET Entity Framework Tools (CTP 2) have been released. Along with these exciting releases is the announcement from popular third party provider writers to deliver support for the ADO.NET Entity Framework within 3 months of RTM. The list of provider writers includes Core Lab, IBM,… Read more

SQL Server on Channel 9

The Developer & Partner Evangelize team just posted a ton of new SQL Server and Business Intelligence content on Channel 9. You can check it out here – https://channel9.msdn.com/sql  There are 22 screencasts posted as part of a developer training workshop built on SQL Server 2005 that has been delivered around the globe by Microsoft… Read more

SQL Server Data Warehouse performance

One of the areas of SQL Server 2008 that I am excited about is the investment we have made in increasing the performance for Data Warehouse workloads. Keep in mind – that we have several customers with multi terabyte data warehouses already on SQL Server 2005 and this allows us to continue our momentum in… Read more

Data Mining Enhancements in the November CTP of SQL Server

From Raman Iyer’s great website on SQL Server Data Mining here are some of the new Data Mining Improvements in SQL Server 2008 November CTP.The November Community Technology Preview of SQL Server 2008has just been released and it includes major data mining improvements: · The Microsoft_Time_Series algorithm has been enhanced to include ARIMA in addition… Read more