Variables, Literals, Procs and Stats

This post by US PFE Susan Van Eyck goes through considerations when developing stored procedures using local variables and literals, and their effect on the query plan / performance.   I ran across a very interesting blog post by Kendra Little this week about the perils of troubleshooting – or developing – stored procedure using…


Fill Factor and Data Compression

Another post by our excellent US PFE Susan Van Eyck goes though Fill Factor and Data Compression!   I got a pair of interesting questions from a colleague this week: If you’re using fill factor then enable data compression, is the fill factor still enforced? If you aren’t using fill factor and enable data compression…


Self Joins…ROW_NUMBER()…LAG()! … Oh My!

  In this post by our US based Senior PFE, Susan Van Eyck goes through different query patterns to achieve cumulative data while keeping the query performant.  Check it out !   Today’s Byte was inspired by a question from a colleague.  He had a bunch of data from a monitoring system that sampled cumulative…


Presenting with SSMS

Whilst presenting at a Microsoft Operations Day in Reading last Tuesday, I was giving a demo on some TSQL using SSMS. In order to ensure that the audience could see the text I naturally turned to ZoomIT until a member of the audience (one of our excellent Microsoft Program Managers – Thanks Pedro Lopes!) shouted…


SELECT *, Indexes, Data Access, and the Optimizer!

  Another great “Database Byte” by our US PFE guest writer Susan Van Eyck!  This time on the pitfalls of using SELECT * on huge tables and the effects on the optimizer.   A customer of mine recently had a problem – a legitimate need to use a SELECT * query (mind you, they had…


Implicit Conversions – Ouch!

Today we have a guest post from one of our excellent Premier Field Engineers from the United States – Susan Van Eyck. In this post Susan explains the pitfalls of comparing different data types in a where clause and how it can hurt performance.   This post is about implicit conversions, or more accurately, it’s…


SQL Server 2017 GA Announced!

Short But Sweet It’s finally been announced! Scott Guthrie and Rohan Kumar announce at Ignite SQL Server 2017 general availability on the 2nd October! Check the post from the SQL Server team here: Excited?  So are we!  


Recover the SSISDB to a New Machine Without a Database Backup

It’s Not Pretty! Imagine your SQL Server instance, which contains your very important SSISDB fails.  You have no backups, or worse, you do have backups but you have been hit by a virus rendering all those backups unusable.  Also, you have no backups of the actual SSIS packages!  Not a great situation to be in…