Shielded VMs: A conceptual review of the components and steps necessary to deploy a guarded fabric

[This post was authored by Dean Wells, Principal Program Manager on the Windows Server team] If you’re anything like me, you probably find it immensely helpful having an end-to-end conceptual view of what you’re doing before actually doing it–that’s the purpose of this blog. Deploying a guarded fabric involves several new concepts so, in this…

Step by Step: Creating a JEA endpoint for DNS management

Just Enough Administration (JEA) provides a way for administrators to delegate certain admin tasks to non-administrators using PowerShell. Unlike some of the other built-in delegation solutions in Windows, JEA is not tied to a particular product or service. You can create custom roles in JEA that allow users to manage any software on the system….


Join Host Guardian Servers to an existing bastion forest

Shielded VM prevents unauthorized access from the host. To achieve this security assurance, there must be a role separation between the fabric admins (who manage the Guarded Hosts) and the HGS admins (who manage the Host Guardian Servers). By default, when you install the first HGS server, it will create its own forest, this will…