Wireless Internet Access Going Green?

I'm guessing this will make some other wireless providers green with envy, too.  What I am referring to is the very latest in wireless technology, solar powered hot spots!  I just read this article about Meraki bringing solar-powered wifi units to market in December.  While this may not be the best news for their competitors, this is certainly good news for the rest of us.  Imagine the ability to surf the net wherever you go, leveraging high speed wireless hot spots.  The solar-powered units will be perfect for parks, stadiums, fairgrounds, etc., where a typical wired solution may not be feasible. 

Leveraging online services, like Microsoft's new Live Mesh offering which can store up to 5GB of your data "in the cloud," means that you will have access to your data wherever you go without worrying about how you will be connecting to the Internet. 


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