For My Cincinnati Attendees…

For those of you who had attended the Cincinnati event and are patiently waiting for your copy of Windows Vista, I have good news.  I collected business cards, addresses, etc. from everyone who was in the room at the end (and as many of you who left before the lunch event as I could).  I've been on the road since the event, so I haven't had a chance before this to compile the information, but I am diligently working on it today.  I am actually taking a page from the airline industry in order to convey information and still maintain everyone's individual privacy.  I'll be using the first three letters of the last name/first letter of the first name and the zip code I have on file for you.  (My information would look like this:  Woo/D 61704.)  Please check back later this afternoon or tomorrow for a list of all the names and addresses that I have to ensure yours is on the list!




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