Cincinnati Updated….


Ok.  I have compiled all of the names and addresses I have from the Cincinnati event.  If you were there, please check this list and ensure your name is on it.  The list is in the form of:

First three letters of your last name/First letter of your first name Zip Code

Bay/B 43017

Cam/T 45154

Die/T 45211

Elr/E 45242

Fis/S 45693

Gen/J 45212

Gri/B 45011

Hal/J 43215

Hic/D 45150

Hil/J 45066

Imh/J 45224

Kil/A 45240

Kni/R 45227

Kro/B 45203

McA/M 45214

Nie/D 45069

Pal/N 45066

Pri/N 45246

Rei/F 45206

Rya/M 45202

Sch/R 45250

She/G 45036

Siv/D 45215

Smi/C 45150

Sta/J 45212

Sta/P 45338

Swa/T 45014

Tur/B 45245

Tys/ 45420

Wea/D 41018

You/B 45245


If you did not find your name on the list, please use the "contact me" form to send me an e-mail so that I can get you added to the list. 

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience,


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