But Wait! There’s More!

Last week, I posted a couple articles about Microsoft Office OneNote 2007.  I wanted to do a follow-up and tell you about some powertoys available for OneNote.

These are posted on Daniel Escapa's (a Program Manager on the OneNote team) blog:

Send to OneNote -- this tool adds a "send to OneNote" option to the explorer shell.  A simple right click on a file and you can send it directly into OneNote!

Merge Pages -- this tool allows you to select a number of pages and combine them all into one single page.

Sort Sections -- this tool will sort your sections alphabetically, making things even easier to find.

OneSnap -- easily capture information from Internet Explorer and import it directly into OneNote.

As with any product add-on, some testing is in order.  Make sure you know what you're getting into, especially since these aren't officially supported by Microsoft.  But that shouldn't stop you from giving them a whirl, especially if they provide functionality you've been looking for!

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