You Might Have Heard the News Somewhere Else….

but here, you get links!  🙂

Microsoft announced recently that the next version of the popular Windows Client OS (CodeNamed Windows 7) will be called.....  wait for it.....  Windows 7!  The OS itself is still a ways off, but news of what is going to be in it is already being released.  A new blog, in fact, has been set up for the express purpose of providing information about the new OS.  You can find that blog here.

If it seems a little technical for your tastes, never fear.  I will, in my role as intrepid blogger, be providing high-level updates about what's new in the latest OS coming out of Redmond (like these screenshots, which were leaked from a beta tester.)

I agree with the author -- the calculator is enough to get me drooling!  🙂


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