Vista… Meet XP. XP? XP? XP! This is Vista.


If that title conjured up a vision of a mother yelling at her child when she's trying to introduce him to someone, then I did my job.  If that wasn't the vision you got, then I've just explained it.  Now what does that title have to do with Windows Vista and Windows XP?  In this case, it's all about networking. 

Sometimes, as an IT Professional, I take things for granted.  When I had a Windows Vista machine and a Windows XP machine on my network at the same time and needed to share files, I set it up.  But, my good friend, John Baker, a member of the TechNet team, realized that just "setting it up" isn't an option for everyone.  There are little networking nuances you need to be aware of when connecting Vista and XP machines together.  So, he created this screencast to help you network XP and Vista machines together to create one big happy "I'm a PC" family.

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