Photosynth on CSI

I was watching a re-run of CSI: Miami last night and finally saw what I'd heard about awhile ago...  They used Photosynth to help solve the crime.  Essentially, the scenario was a crime committed during a speech at a high school gymnasium.  The CSIs were trying to see the movements of a few specific people.  They realized that all the students had been taking pictures of the gym using their cell phones, so they confiscated all the cell phones and made a Photosynth-based reconstruction of the gymnasium that they then looked through to track the victim as well as the murderer.  It was pretty neat to see the technology being used like that, even if it was only in a television show.  The line after it was a little cheesy, though:

"It's Microsoft's world.  I'm just living in it."

Not exactly news, but thought it was interesting, since I'd just put up a post about Photosynth.


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