Every Generation….. Blames the One Before

Hopefully, I'm not the only one who remembers that Mike and the Mechanics song, The Living Years.  If Microsoft were going to re-write that song for the new Zune, the lyrics would need to change to "Every generation builds on the one before."  When I heard about the new features in Zune 3.0, I was amazed.  When I heard that, once again, Microsoft was turning those features on in older Zunes as well, I was impressed.  And apparently, it isn't just me.  In this article from Washingtonpost.com, Rachel Metz gives the Zune a pretty good review, even stacking it against the latest iPods.  I have an original Zune... the big, clunky, 30GB Zune.  And I love it.  It's the first real personal media player (PMP) I've ever had and I'm surprised at how often I use it.  I subscribe to the Zune Pass from the Zune Marketplace, which gives me access to hundreds of thousands of songs, all of which I can download for free (the monthly subscription is an "all you can eat" model).  Now, with Zune 3.0, I can use my Zune at wireless hot spots (including over 9,000 McDonald's locations) to download music sans PC.  So, when I hear a new song I like, I can download it right there and then.  In fact, another new feature in Zune 3.0 is the ability to download songs I am listening to on the built-in FM radio.  I hear the song, I like it, I download it.  Wah-lah.

I wonder how long it will be before McDonald's changes their "X billion served" to X billion downloaded?


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