Arrrr…… I Be a PC, Me Hearties!

It be that time of year again.... time to be talkin' like a pirate.  Arrrr......  I be havin' a blog post waitin' in the aft, but after I be seein' the new "I Be a PC" ad, I be changin' my post to talk about this great, grand ad!  If you want to be seein' the ad, ye can visit and see it for ye self.  Do it now, afore ye get keelhauled, ya scurvy dog!

Winding Down the Pirate a Bit

Arrr....  sometimes it be harrrd to understand the pirate lingo.  Because this be important, I want to make sure everyone be understandin' what I be sayin'.  Microsoft released the next set of ads in their campaign and they be great!  Ahoy!  I dropped the post I had all written for today (in full pirate vocab, of course) once I saw the new ads.  I definitely think they be worth watchin'.  And I think that Michael Arrington, me hearty at TechCrunch, be writin' a very good article about it.  Ye be noticin', too, that he be having a pirate flag flying on his blog.  🙂

In case ye be wonderin' what happened to Seinfeld, he be waitin' in the aft in case we be needin' him.  This all be according to the Cap'n's plan.  And the PC guy in the ads be a real Microsoft employee.  He be a program manager and a real engineer.  He be writin' code for us.

Michael be writin' another piece on the new apple ad, but his original post be walkin' the plank, too, in favor of me maties at Microsoft.  Blimey!

For ye lubbers, I be havin' good news.  Talk Like a Pirate Day (TLAPD) only be lastin' one day, so ye won't be havin' to deal with this again until next year.




Be watchin' for a picture to be added later today, too.  I be havin' an edit this afternoon.

EDIT:  Here be my picture.  I be sporting my own pirate shirt.  A wee lovely lass bought it for me, aye!  She be a good wench.  And when I be thinking "pirate," I seem to be posin' like this.  I can't be thinkin' why.  😉




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