Are You Fluent in Office 2007?

We’re back to live events, which is why I have fallen a little behind with my posting again.  Tom from Chicago asked me about the Office 2007 interface at my event this week.  Here you go, Tom!  (And this is helpful for all the rest of you who are using Office 2007, too!) The new…


Why Vista? (Volume 10 — Instant Search) AND "Where’ve you been, Dan?"

You may have noticed I haven’t made a posting here for a couple days.  You, like many others, were probably sitting on the edge of your seat salivating for the next “Why Vista?” post only to be denied not once, but twice!  What in the world was I thinking???  Have I become so lazy I…


Why Vista? (Volume 9 — ReadyBoost)

It’s tough to talk about ReadyBoost without some working knowledge of how the operating system deals with memory.  That’s why I am going to talk about it a bit.  Basically, the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory — usually referred to as simply, “memory”) your computer has dictates how many things your PC can efficiently…


Why Vista? (Volume 8 — Windows Media Center)

I spent the weekend trying to think up some great business value scenarios for using Windows Media Center.  The truth is, I couldn’t come up with many, though I did manage a couple: News — you can watch headline news stories from NBC Nightly News (online, without a TV tuner) With a TV tuner and…


Why Vista? (Volume 7 — Shadow Copies)

Did you know there’s a time machine included with every copy of Windows Vista Enterprise, Business, and Ultimate?  It is not, unfortunately, the DeLorean from Back to the Future.  Of course, you don’t need to be going 88 miles per hour to use it, nor does it require plutonium and a flux capacitor.  (If you…


Why Vista? (Volume 6 — CompletePC Backup)

In past versions of Windows, backing up your computer could be a chore.  Deciding which files to backup, then finding a good way to back them up often meant third party applications.  In Windows Vista, however, backing up your PC is a snap!  But before we get too far into the improvements, let me tell…


Why Vista? (Volume 5 — Preview Pane)

  This feature is so ingrained into my daily behavior now that I almost forgot about it.  I’ve been running Vista almost exclusively since fall of 2006 (beta).  Because of that, I’m having to rethink what is new (since it isn’t really new to me anymore).  It used to be that I was reminded every…


Why Vista? (Volume 4 — Snipping Tool)

Last week, I started a series of posts outlining the great new features in Vista as a list of reasons you might want to upgrade.  Today brings us another great new feature included with Windows Vista — one I use all the time in the creation of these blog posts.  It’s called the Snipping Tool….


Monday Fun (Friday Fun Revisited)

On Friday, I wrote a quick post about a new look for Microsoft’s search engine,  The background was no longer the blah, humdrum background that every other search engine uses.  Instead, it was a picture of a man in a boat out on a marsh of some kind.  Good to know that the team…


Friday Fun!

You may (or may not) have noticed something new on the Internet yesterday.  In an effort to stand out and be a bit more appealing than our search competitor, got a facelift.  Well, it actually got a background picture.  I have to admit, after checking it out, that I do enjoy something other than…