Windows Server 2016 Preview: Storage Spaces Direct Overview

Dan Stolts welcomes back Claus Joergensen to the show as they discuss Storage Spaces Direct – a new feature found in Windows Server 2016. Tune in learn about the ins and outs of this great new technology as well as how your organization can benefit from it.

• What is Storage Spaces Direct and why is it important in Windows Server 2016?
• What kind of internal disk drives can I use and will this support external storage devices?
• Can you tell us a little bit about the underlying architecture and how this works?
• How do you manage this?
• Is there a reliance on iSCSI (or something similar) to enable this?
• How do you deploy something like this? Let’s talk about Private Cloud Hyper-Converged and Private Cloud Storage.
• What does the process look like for when I want to expand a cluster?
• If someone has existing storage or an external storage source vs. an internal disk (say a fibre channel system) — is it still possible to still use this?
• What are some typical real-world use case scenarios for this and can people benefit by using it immediately?

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