TechNet Radio: Data in the Cloud (Part 2) – Understanding Architecture and Data Management in Azure

In part 2 of our special Data in the Cloud series, Dan Stolts welcomes Scott Klein to the show as they discuss architecture and data management in Azure.

  • [2:25] Azure SQL Database – what is it and how is it relevant to dB admins?
  • [6:06] One of the biggest buzz words we hear is scalability.  How does this apply and is it relevant to our customers?
  • [10:00] How does this differ from running SQL Server in an Azure VM?
  • [15:05] Let’s talk about other features in Azure for Data Management.
  • [22:40] Azure Search – how does this encompass the data management in Azure?
  • [27:20] What’s the difference between document DB vs. Blob Storage and why you would use one vs. the other?
  • [29:23] There’s a lot to choose from for data management in Azure — what do all of these options mean for the various job roles associated with it?

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