NVIDIA display driver stopped responding and has recovered, here’s a simple fix that’s worked for many


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Ah, the dreaded “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” message, aka, TDR error.

The story:

Last summer, I bumped into a Windows 7 video driver problem that was particularly difficult to cure. Moving graphics cards around and upgrading drivers didn’t fix the issue. The whole saga turned out to be a bit complex, but in the end, the fix was simple. For me, and for many other site visitors, apparently. I even helped myself with this same software adjustment later on, when I had a similar problem on a Windows 8 laptop. Yay!

The solution:

This is one of those never-would-have-guessed-it fixes, where plain old stubborn determination prevailed. First, I learned… Continue Reading


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  1. SC2.buzzbomb (and not THAT buzzbomb) says:

    Thank you, thank you. Been researching this for days, tried all the tips from the Microsoft site (should have known better), and stumbled across this. Three days, not one issue. Sure appreciate you taking the time to track this one down.


  2. cee hubs says:

    Hello, can you please email me the how to to c.hubs@yahoo.com. I can’t get the directions page to load. Thanks very much for your help

  3. Hadjis says:

    Hello guys, could someone help me out cause this is really frustrating and when i click the link it doesnt open due to a faulty DNS. If you could i would really be grateful. Link me in anorthosaka1911@hotmail.com. Thanks.

  4. Shoujin says:

    I can’t open the link either. Please provide the link for me => Shoujan@gmail.com

  5. Olivia says:

    IGreat article! This slideshow provides more methods, just take it as a complement of this method:


  6. Martin Guida says:

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