Adding Tags Dropdown List To Windows Live Writer–Step-By-Step

If you are a blogger, you probably know how important it is to add tags to your blog posts.  So why in the world does the best blog editor (Windows Live Writer) not have a place to enter tags?  Well, it does, you just have to enable it.   Different blog engines will use different fields for tags.  Some platforms use categories and some use tags.  When I was posting primarily to LiveWriter was great because the categories posted directly to my tags.  However, when I switched to WordPress, categories are separate from tags.  There is a way to add a tags list to Live Writer.  Once you do this, the tags drop down will be placed under the ribbon between the  categories and the post date.



To add the Tags to Live Writer, you need to modify the registry.

Click Start – Type Regedit – Right-click Regedit.exe select Run As Administrator

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