Face-To-Face Community Meetings or Events–Ammunition Community Leaders Need to Promote Their Events To Potential Sponsors and Speakers

There was a very interesting article written by  BtoB Online about “The importance of in-person” that I think will be of interest to all. The white paper they reference was written by Cornell University. It gives advice (which I can personally validate with my own experience) that should be understood and “leveraged” by user group leaders that are talking to potential speakers and potential sponsors for their groups.  The white paper can be found at: “The Future of Meetings: The Case for Face-to-Face”.  You have to register (it’s free) to download the full white paper.  I think it will be worth the couple minutes it takes to read the BtoB article and then if you like register and download the white paper.  The most important aspect of their research is probably…

“Face-to-face is most likely to be the best approach in the following three business situations:
(1)  To capture attention, particularly when you want to initiate something new or different;
(2)  To inspire a positive emotional climate, as a way to catalyze collaboration, innovation, and
performance; and
(3)  To build human networks and relationships, realizing that information can increasingly be
shared virtually whereas the greater value is in people networks and relationships.”


Hope you find this information useful.

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