Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About SQL Azure-Get Smart On SQL Azure Here

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Recently a great series of 15 introductory videos have been completed and made available up on Microsoft Showcase, all focusing on SQL Azure.

Here are the episodes:

The videos are short, single-subject, high-quality, and easy to consume and even share.  Here’s an example:

View this video as a WMV


Code samples are all also publically available on http://sqlazure.codeplex.com.

A Huge thanks to Kevin Remde for his most excellent blog posts about SQL Azure!

In case you do not follow Kevin’s blog (you should) you may want to checkout his 30 part Series on Cloud. It ROCKS!  I especially like Part 2-The Cloud Ate My Job!  If you are a SQL Azure fan (presumably you are if you got to the end of this very long post you will probably like one of the many SQL Azure Posts from his 30 part Series on Cloud.

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