Running Windows Server 2008 R2 on Your Desktop or Laptop

If you want to use Windows Server 2008 R2 on your Desktop or Laptop, there are a few things you will likely want to do…

1) Enable the “Desktop Experience” Feature  (Start – Administrative Tools – Server Manager – Features – Add Features)


2) Enable Wireless LAN Service {if you have a wireless card} (Start – Administrative Tools – Server Manager – Features – Add Features)


3) Set “Windows Audio” Service to Automatic Start (Start - Administrative Tools – Services – Scroll down double-click Windows Audio)

Start the service and set it to automatic start.


4) if you have a wireless card and are using hyper-V you may want to give your Virtual Machines access to a wireless network.

Open Hyper-V Manager – Click Virtual Network Manager (in Action Pane) then click Internal then Add


Give the network a name and description.  I use VM-Wireless so it is obvious to me what it is for.

Once you save this virtual network a new network card will be created on the host computer – We will need to go to the network adapters and bridge these connections

StartRight-Click NetworksSelect PropertiesSelect the VM-Wireless network and then press CTRL and Select the physical Wireless Adapter to multi-select the adapters.  Then Right-Click on one of the selected adapters and select Add To Bridge


Then on your VM’s just select the VM-Wireless Network to connect to the wireless network.

From Hyper-V Manager – Double-Click the virtual machine you want to use the wireless network – Select the network card and change the network to VM-Wireless.  If you have DHCP enabled on your wireless, the VM will get IP information from your wireless network router.


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