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“Get On the Bus” is back in North America!

Montreal, May 21 | Boston, May 24 | New York, May 25 | Philadelphia, May 26 | Washington DC, May 27 & 28 | Richmond, June 1 | Raleigh, June 2 | Charlotte, June 3 | Atlanta, June 4 | New Orleans, June 5

The Get On the Bus Tour is back home and we’re kicking off our new tour with a visit to Canada! Montreal marks our first location on a 10-city North American road show en route to TechEd in New Orleans, June 7. Come spend some time with us as we tour the East Coast for a deep dive into both Windows 7 and Office 2010, along with a specific path on how to get certified. Learn why Windows 7 has received rave reviews from IT organizations and is setting records as the fastest selling operating system in history.  Find out why so many IT Pros are eagerly awaiting the release of Office 2010. We will show you both the best practices for deploying Windows 7 and how to keep it running efficiently after deployment.  We will also take a tour through all of the features of Office 2010 from an IT Professional’s point of view. It’s time to join us at a stop nearest you for technical training, professional networking, hands-on experiences, and real world guidance from industry experts sent to you from Redmond. Don’t miss your chance to “Get On the Bus!”


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Some of the content we will have….


Riding the Windows 7 and Office 2010 Wave
Windows 7 is ushering in a new era on the desktop. Many organizations have not touched their desktops in many years since their original Windows XP deployment. During this time many other important components have changed and progressed. Technology has marched on, user needs and expectations have changed, the Internet has come of age, virtualization technologies have risen, and many other factors are different from when you designed and deployed your Windows XP desktops. This means things are not as simple as replacing Windows XP with Windows 7. Rather, you need to think about your desktop and the infrastructure that supports this. You need an optimized desktop solution to easily take advantage of all of these technologies and enable your desktops to be productive long into the future. In this demo-filled session, we will look at how to weave technologies like Windows 7, Office 2010, the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP), and desktop virtualization technologies into a coherent desktop strategy.

Breakout Sessions

Office 2010 for the IT Pro
Still running Office 2003? Running Office 2007? This session is for you! Office 2010 features many improvements in security, performance, and end-user training. If you are like most organizations, you will want to upgrade to Office 2010. Join us as we give a look at not only the new features but areas you will need to think about have a successful deployment like Application and Macro compatibility, XML file type migration, Office Web Apps and deployment strategies.

App-V & Med-V
VDI, XP Mode, App-V, MED-V — the list of virtualization technologies is long and confusing. We will take a look at two of the most popular and useful virtualization technologies in depth. Learn how Application Virtualization (App-V) is introducing a new application management and deployment paradigm. See how you can deploy a fully-functional copy of Office 2010 to a machine in under 90 seconds. Do you have applications that conflict with each other? We’ll show you how you can easily run them side by side with App-V. With this technology you can enable users to run a prior version of Office, like 2003, side by side with Office 2010 while they learn and become familiar with the new version.

MED-V, or Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization, will help you upgrade to Windows 7 while still maintaining XP applications with no issues. Besides helping you with application compatibility we will show you how you can use MED-V to run IE 6 on a Windows 7 machine to help mitigate problems with older web applications that don’t run with more modern versions of Internet Explorer.

Combined After-Breakout Sessions:

Deploying the Windows Optimized Desktop
Watch as our team of experts walks you through the latest tools to help you easily move from your current desktop OS and deploy Windows 7. Learn how to make Office 2010 part of your deployment strategy and get those burning questions around virtualization answered. Come ready to take some notes as this will be one jam-packed session!

Born to Learn Windows 7 and Office 2010
Windows 7 and Office 2010 are incredible products that are set to be the new standard at many companies. Windows 7 is the fastest-selling product in Microsoft history and no operating system has been adopted at such a staggering rate.. Office 2010 is posed to set similar records. With such change in the industry, it’s time to invest in your career to stay ahead of the curve. As companies look to accelerate their deployments of these products, Microsoft Certification will be important for you to stand out from your peers and be recognized as an expert to lead these projects. During this session, you’ll learn how to get trained and certified on these products so that you can be the best at what you do and recognized in your organization.

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