Virtualization Event Coming Soon to EVERYWHERE!

The event will take place on Friday, February 12, 2010.  It is a live event being simulcast to multiple locations.  It will also be recorded and made available online a few days after the event.  You do have to register to attend and to download the event. 

All the details and registration are outlined on the registration page(s).  There are multiple Live locations so watch the links for tickets to the the location you want to attend.  

More details can be found on the Virtualization Group Boston Home Page or the Deep Dive Day Landing PageTheHungryMob

Though this is a community event and run completely by volunteers, they sure are doing things right.  From the great speaker and topic lineup to the online element and simulcast they have thought of everything.  Of course as you would expect at any community event, they will have plenty of stuff to give out to the attendees.  They are serving lunch and will likely have snacks as well.  Then at the end of the day, they have a bunch of stuff to be handed out for drawing prizes.

Check out the pictures of the drawing prize table so far…  They will have a Windows Server 2008 R2 with 5 Client Access Licenses, Windows 7 Ultimate, Office 2007 Standard, Xbox 360 Game Console, Zune Docking Station, some Xbox games and accessories, many, many books, T-shirts, hats, backpacks, and lots more to come.  Not all locations will have all prizes but rest assured, there will be plenty of giveaways at the LIVE events!

What Others Are Saying 

A sampling of the feedback from last year's event:Swag (2)

  • "These guys were excellent presenters"
  • "Usefull->Quite Intense, Lots of material covered"
  • "HUGE SUCCESS, Every speaker was great.  How does any UG follow up this great day?"
  • "The best IT User Group Event in years!"
  • "This was an AWESOME EVENT!  Great job guys!"
  • "This was a fantastic day - Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm."
  • "Thanks very much for a great event!"
  • "Excellent Event!"

So go out right now and register:

New York City, Waltham MA, and Online registration is here.  The St. Louis Mo registration is here.   The Calgary Canada registration is here.  

Just to show you a few of the great sessions…

Virtualization 2020: The Future of Virtualization (Dan Stolts and Paul Thurrott)

In this session Dan Stolts and Paul Thurrott will tag team to bring you a glimpse of the past and a vision for the future. Virtualization is the basis for computing going forward.  We will take a short look at the massive changes that have happened in the technology industry and more specifically the virtualization space. We will then look into the crystal ball to see where things are going.  We will look at progressions of existing technologies like server virtualization, application virtualization, storage virtualization, desktop virtualization, IPv6 and a whole lot more.  Then we grab a sneak peek at some technologies that are on the drawing boards to see what we should expect in the coming decade.  We will look at what may be the next big breakout technology and show how Virtualization grows up in the decade to come by bringing the world of consumers into the space.  In a nutshell, we will show you why, in the not so distant future, almost everything will encompass virtualization. 

Microsoft XP Mode (Blain Barton)

In this session, Microsoft's own Blain Barton will explore the Windows 7 add-on feature known as "XP Mode".

Although this is not an official hands-on lab In this session, you may bring your Windows 7 Machine (Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate only) and Blain will walk you through the process of setting up windows XP mode and getting it working on your computer.  In order for XP-Mode to work, your computer must have hardware virtualization built in.   We will have a DVD with all the files you need so you just need to bring your Windows 7 LAPTOP.  (Laptops only please). 

Perceived Performance in a Virtual World (Tim Mangan)

Tim Mangan created the concept of "Perceived Performance" in his ground-breaking whitepaper of the same name in 2003.  That work, which looked at the impact, causes, and measurement of performance in a remote world (then Terminal Services/Citrix) is now updated to include the effects of Server/Desktop Virtualization and new technology in general.
In this session, you will learn how performance issues affect users perception of performance in ways that the "traditional texts" on performance do not address.

Then we will review the latest test results for performance impacts of using Hyper-V, XenServer, and Esx/VSphere for Terminal Server and VDI loads.

The Economics of Desktop Virtualization (Doug Lane)

Based on work with IDC, Join Senior Director Doug Lane of Virtual Computer as he dives into the art of cost and savings analysis when it comes to Virtualization projects.  Organizations of all sizes are now realizing the many cost-saving benefits of server virtualization, but for many the business case for desktop virtualization is less clear.  The total cost of ownership (TCO) advantages of desktop virtualization versus traditional approaches are very real, but it unlike server virtualization it has little to do with hardware costs and everything to do with operational efficiencies and improved security posture.  In "The Economics of Desktop Virtualization," Doug Lane of Virtual Computer will discuss the key TCO considerations when exploring a desktop virtualization initiative, including an in-depth review of the traditional PC management approaches, server-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) models, and emerging client-side desktop virtualization technologies.


There is a whole lot more…

Take a look at the complete lineup.  I am impressed!

Waltham, MA   

New York, NY and Ontario


St. Louis, MO 

Calgary, Albert, Canada 


Registration Information… Friday, February 12, 2010:

New York City, Waltham MA, and Online registration is here.  The St. Louis Mo registration is here.   The Calgary Canada registration is here.  


PS. I heard a rumor that they may be doing something special for people that “bring a friend” so let’s help them get the word out. 

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