Community Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2010 Registration Is OPEN

With the New Year, comes a new Community Virtualization Deep Dive Day.  The event will take place on Friday, February 12, 2010 for the live event and anytime and anywhere you like for the online download after the event.  This year, the Virtualization Community has an even better lineup than last year.  In addition, they will simulcast part of the event to other locations across the country so people in other locations can enjoy the show!  Not only that, but they have opened up registration for people to view the recorded sessions after the show and it is an incredible full day of Virtualization Technology Training for only $15.00  Take advantage of the early bird discount (Code EarlyBird) and it is only 10 bucks!

All the details and registration are outlined on the registration page(s).  There are multiple Live locations so watch the links for the location you want to attend.  

New York City, Waltham MA, and Online registration is here.  The St. Louis Mo registration is here.  Notice both of the early bird discount codes are already entered if you use the above links.  Discount ends on Jan 17 so register right away if you can.

More details can be found on the Virtualization Group Boston Home Page or the Deep Dive Day Landing Page. Take a look at this lineup!  I am impressed!

Waltham, MA  
DeepDive2010 Schedule At A Glance as of 2010-01-15

New York, NY


St. Louis, MO

Let’s help them get the word out. 


Also, I understand they are still looking for a speaker for the SCVMM session and still have a few sponsor positions open.  email them at deepdive @ (remove spaces) for the details

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