Community Certification Training Survey – Free Or Pay For Materials Only – What do you need training on?

At our community conference call last week a request came up for a community IT Pro Community Certification Gathering.

If we were to pilot a “Community Certification Program”, what should it look look?

Please fill out the survey at... 

or post a comment on this blog to answer the following questions. If you do not want to share the information with others, just let me know in the notes that you want your response to stay “private” and I will not publish.


1) Do you think this would be a valuable program?

2) If it were held in Waltham Ma,   would you attend?  What city do you work or live in and how far would you travel?

3) I am thinking that the first topic should probably something with wide appeal.  Perhaps Windows 7?  What do you think about this topic and what other topics might be of interest?

4) If we did the certification training based on a book, (MS Press Cert book for example) would you be able to purchase the book as part of the materials required? 

5) Would one evening a week be an acceptable schedule? 

6) Would you be interested in a bootcamp style course (in the future) where we do 2 nights a week or even more to get through the material very quickly?

7) What other thoughts or ideas do you have about this type of program?

8) Are you interested and qualified to teach any topics?  Do you know anyone that would be interested and qualified in teaching?

Please understand much has to happen to pull something like this off.  This message is not a statement that we will be doing this.  It is more a question of should we try to work out the logistics to make it happen.  As a new member of the MCT community I do not yet know about what I can and cannot do but i will find out.

Comments (3)

  1. TNJMAN says:

    Depends what "community certification" means.

  2. Edwin Woo says:

    Hi Dan,

    I love to have this for our NYeWin members in New York. Back in 2003 when Small Business Server 2003 was first released. Microsoft SBS group released a copy of the official Microsoft SBS server cert courseware to user group leader to conduct local training classes. The courseware included instructor and student guide and hands on lab disk. It will be great if we can do something like this.

  3. daniel333 says:

    Such a great idea, I’d love to see it come together. I would say it’s better if you reach out to the existing Computer/Microsoft user groups and forms such as and develop existing web communities.

    Couple it with say something like the podcast or something more formal like

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