Community Call Minutes 2009-06 Search Videos and Certification were the big topics

On June 25th we had a “North East Region IT Pro Monthly Community Conference Call with Dan Stolts”.  The purpose of the call was for me to reach out to the community to find out what I can do you you. 


Comments and Questions from the field…


1) Momentum is a great program! Love the interviews posted on my blog

2) Video training should be more accessible … we need some mechanism to catalog the video's. Search on AD or Remote Desktop or whatever and all the training comes up on that topic.

Internal search is not as good as external search. None of the search gets everything. Need to have all listed by category and a KB type of search through video's. Example given search RDS on you get two video's… this is weak.

  • Keep it simple but easy to find what you are looking for. Links to other things would be good.

  • Certifications

  • Community events (local based on zip of current person doing search)

  • Podcasts 

  • Video's

  • Blog Posts

  • Live events

  • Webcasts

  • Certification is also a key, having those video's also have a test that this topic might refer to.

3) Community certification programs should be available. Give the user group communities a way to have "certification classes" for their members.

Tues/Thurs evening training for three weeks or so to do cert prep?

  • All the people looking for work need to have certs and they do not have the money to take classes.
  • Abe at Jones Road is doing this for the developer community.

Action Items:

  1. give update on searching video's at our next meeting

  2. Blog post inquiry of certification class for IT Pro's for them to comment on what they would like to see and how far they are willing to drive

Thanks to all that joined me on this call.  I hope you will join me again next month and drive more excitement through the community by inviting others to this call as well.  Our next call will be on Friday July 24th at 1pm [note moved to Friday due to Thursday conflict].  The call in information is: Toll Free: 1-888-320-3585  Conference ID: 2230124.  How to hear from you then! 

The Stated Agenda / Purpose of the conference call was defined here

Download ICS Calendar for July 2009 Conference

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  1. TNJMAN says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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