Wisdom From The Field – Windows 7 Is Quite Fast And Impressive – Momentum

Your geographic location (country): USA

Public Disclosure of your name and Company name allowed, NO

Unfortunately in order to give permission to publicly disclose our name with any interview we are required to have it go through public relations so I would much rather you just release the information anonymously.

Project Name/Description: Evaluate Viability of Windows 7

Objectives of the project: Find out if windows 7 would fit in our environment and find out if it was compatible with internal apps.

Are you piloting or deploying the products: Pilot

Products used in project: Windows 7

Were the objectives stated at the beginning satisfied. Yes. The applications seem to work fine. Some of the LOB apps have not been tested yet. Even if we do have a problem with any of those, we hope that XPMode will resolve that problem. We could also virtualize applications if there is a problem with some applications.

Will you be Deploying Windows 7. Yes, When? Currently we are looking at mid next year. My company does not jump on new releases as soon as they come out. The way we do deployment is as we do refreshes, we do the refresh with the upgrade. We do not do a corp refresh on OS because it is too disruptive to the organization. Vista never got rolled out due to compatibility issues with LOB applications.

Are you going to be saving money? Have not really thought about it. Possibly due to not chasing our tails later. Being proactive generally speaking is cheaper than being reactive. This project allowed me to be proactive in evaluating the ability to deploy Windows 7. It allows us to understand the product before we have users using it and asking questions.

What do you think about the product? I am very impressed with the product overall. The machine I was using was not compatible with XP Mode so I could not do any testing with that. All applications that worked with Vista worked fine with Windows 7. There were a couple applications that would not work with vista that we were able to get working with Win7. Windows 7 is much more peppy than Vista and in some cases even faster than XP. Windows 7 is quite fast and impressive. Overall I am very impressed with Windows 7. Many less processes running than you see on other OS's. More processes means more potential for failure so I was please to see so much stuff turned off by default.

Anything else you care to share?

The whole 6 different versions really needs to go. I recommend simplifying to simply Home and Work versions. The price of operating systems in the past was too expensive. You need to bring the price down. In some cases people are paying as much for the OS as they are for the machine. I have been recommending to people to hold off on purchasing new machines until Windows 7 is released this Fall.  If they can’t afford to wait until Fall, I have been recommending getting Windows Vista sp1 and upgrading at release time to Windows 7.  I am also seeing a fair level of excitement around Windows 7. To date I like the product but will hold final decision until I see the final retail version released.

What do you think about the IT Pro Momentum Program.

I think it is really nice. It gives people that will be shaping the decisions of deployment the tools and resources needed to test and evaluate without any cost to us or to Microsoft. I just hope they continue the program to be honest.

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