Wisdom From The Field-Doug Cook on Windows 7 – Momentum Interview

Your name: Doug Cook

Company name: D.M.C. Enterprises - Computer Repair, system builds, phone support, etc. http://www.dmc2u.com

Your geographic location (country): USA

Public Disclosure of your name and Company name allowed, Yes

Project Name/Description: Windows 7 Pilot

Objectives of the project: Evaluate for usability. Should I recommend it to customers in terms of cost vs gain and compatibility

Are you piloting or deploying the products: Piloting

Products used in project: Windows 7

Were the objectives stated at the beginning satisfied. Yes, and I will be recommending it to people that need to upgrade or get a new machine. I am telling people that are still using XP to go with Windows 7 when it comes out. I like Vista but with the additional resources that it uses, it makes it difficult for some people with small budgets.

What were the advantages of doing this deployment? Runs with using less resources. Still quite a learning curve over windows XP but the performance enhancement and some of the new features are great. There is plenty of fluff for the end users. I hooked it up to a Home Server and was very impressed with the simplicity if it auto-configuring for the network.

What do you think about the product? I Like it! It was easy to install. The update process does not require a bunch of interactivity. I really like the way UAC works now.

What do you think about the IT Pro Momentum Program. I love it. It is a great opportunity for people like me. A very small company that needs to keep up with technology and really do not have the money to buy all the new stuff that comes out. This gives me the opportunity to play with the new technologies so I can recommend them to my customers.

Any challenges with your deployment? None! I was initially turned on to Windows 7 by attending a community event so even if I would have had problems, there were plenty of people there to assist and I do not recall for sure.

Anything else you care to share? Able to be installed on a machine with less horsepower than Vista so I am very encouraged by ability for my customers to run on their computers.

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