Momentum – Wisdom from the Field on Windows Server 2008 (Interview Steve Hagerstrom)

Your name: Steven Hagerstrom

Company name: BocsDocs   

Your geographic location (country): USA

Can you tell me a little about your company? We are a consulting firm. We do electronic content management and accounts payable imaging and workflow.  The projects I am profiling on Momentum are not for my company though. They are for work that I did with a current customer which I will leave nameless for now.

Project Name/Description: Windows Server 2008 Deployment - Brainware Application Server

Objectives of the project: Multithread application to take advantage of more physical memory. Application and workflow batches are very resource intense. Needed to take advantage of more resources on physical box.

Are you piloting or deploying the products: Deploying

Products used in project: Windows Server 2008 Standard

Were the objectives stated at the beginning satisfied. Yes

Are you going to be saving money? The throughput has been excellent allowing us to meet our stated delivery objectives. The primary objectives were primarily around time and workflow not money. The OCR of images is time consuming and resource intensive and the new hardware and OS gave us the capability to utilize more resource and therefore get more done in the same amount of time.

What do you think about the IT Pro Momentum Program? I think it is fantastic! It is a very interesting website. I have not taken advantage of all the benefits but very happy the program is available. Example, did not use the TechNet support incidents yet but I still have more time in the program. I expect that as I deploy more new technologies, I may still need to use more of the resources available to me.

What do you think about the product? I think it is a significant step forward from 2003. Security is much better. In some cases the default lockdown was over the top. What I mean by that is in 2003 people that did not know what they were doing could administer it because everything was running by default. In 2008 you have to know what you are doing to go in and enable the features that you need. I see this as a good thing but it is also an important distinction. It was important for the sake of security. Many third party companies have not written their applications to work with UAC and they are now requiring us to turn off UAC. Hopefully the third party vendors will jump on board soon and all will be better.

Any challenges with your deployment?

Anything else you care to share? Very positive about it. Looking forward to taking advantage of SMB 2.0 once we pilot Windows 7. That will likely happen in about 6 months.

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