Help Me Help You… What Can Microsoft Do For You Today? North East Region IT Pro Monthly Community Conference Call

As my commitment to my blog audience, I will be starting a monthly Conference Call/Live Meeting that all subscribers are welcome to attend.  Not sure if you want to become a subscriber (it's Free) join the call and ask your questions.

I  hope the agenda will largely be driven by the attendees.  This is your opportunity to tell me and Microsoft what we can do to help you.  Especially in these tough economic times, companies and particularly IT Pro's need help and I would like to open a conduit for me to be able to help you and your company.  I really want to make your experiences with Microsoft positive. I hope this will be a step in that direction.  This is not going to be an ask the experts or technical support forum.  I think I will likely open up with some comments about what is on the horizon in terms of news that the community needs to know about (events coming up in the region, latest launch details, or breaking news) etc, and then turn the tables and have you answer questions like …

  • What can Microsoft do to help you and/or your company be more successful?
  • What can Microsoft do to help you in your community events?
  • What is going on in the community this month?
  • What is the word on the street on the latest and greatest technologies from Microsoft?
  • What are others doing that Microsoft should be paying attention to?

My territory is NY/NJ->ME so if you live or work in that region, consider this a direct solicitation for you to join me.  If you are outside that territory and are interested in something like this for your region, please post a comment to my blog including your City/State and I will see what I can pull together for that region. 

After this initial get together, depending on the success and the types of questions we may find it better to have several calls with different audiences or focal points.  Let’s get together for this first call and see what happens.  Please join me and be heard.  The first meeting will be a phone meeting on June 25th at 1:00pm at 1:00pm [Eastern] and go for one hour.  To join this meeting dial into the conference at: 1-866-500-6738  and enter Participant Passcode: 3249711.  I have reserved 50 seats (though I expect it to be much smaller than that).  In the very unlikely event we do run out of capacity of have some other issues, check this blog post for details on next steps.  Please feel free to pass this information on to friends or associates if you think they are interested in attending.  Hope to hear from you!

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