ExchangeGuy and Hyper-V "Absolutely Love it" Using It In-House And Promoting It To Customers

Lee Benjamin, one of the members of the Early Adopter (Momentum) Program has finished some deployments so I wanted to leebenjaminshare with you some of his thoughts.  Before I do that though, let me introduce Lee to you. Lee is the “ExchangeGuy”.  He is owner and Messaging Architect for ExchangeGuy Consulting. He lives in the NE US and is very active in the local technology community. He is the President of the Exchange Server User Group in Boston.  He is on the board for several other user groups including Boston Area Windows Server User Group, Virtualization Group – Boston, and Boston User Groups. Lee has been awarded the Microsoft MVP award and is assisting Culminis with helping the worldwide IT Pro community. Lee is a recognized Exchange guru, consultant, author and instructor with over 20 years email experience.     

Lee says, “After having used Hyper-V,  I Absolutely Love it. I am using it in-house and promoting it to customers.”  Lee has a couple Windows Server 2008 Servers. One running with 8gb of memory running Hyper-V and the other with 12gb of memory is the primary Exchange server and also runs VirtualServer (no VT support). He has just placed an order for 2 dual quad servers capable of 32GB each. He uses virtualization for running his business, testing new and beta releases of software (Exchange 2010), testing specific scenarios for customers, and product testing for ISV clients.  The new servers will be running Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V, of course.

The 8GB server will be dedicated to Edge, Access, and the Forefront Threat Management Gateway. He is testing OCS (Office Communication Server) in Hyper-V even though not all roles are officially supported. He says, “It looks like OCS on Hyper-V will work fine for a very small installations. They have made huge strides from version 1.”  He goes on to say “The average customer is going to need some hand holding to get it deployed.”  I guess that is OK since Lee is in that business. B-)>

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  1. TNJMAN says:

    Definitely, it's nice to use what you love; but nice to love what you use.

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