David Vantine on Exchange 2007 – Wisdom From The Field – Momentum

Your name: Dave Vantine

Company name: Creative Computing - Certified Microsoft Partner. Support Small Business customers mostly in the RI area. Installing and maintaining servers and desktops.

Your geographic location (country): USA

Public Disclosure of your name and Company name allowed, Yes

Project Name/Description: Exchange 2007 Deployment on Windows Server 2008

Objectives of the project: Migrate off of 2003 in order to take advantage of new features particularly those around web access improvements

Are you piloting or deploying the products: Deploying

Products used in project: Windows Server 2008 Enterprise and Exchange 2007

Were the objectives stated at the beginning satisfied. Yes

Are you going to be saving money? No, but with the much better maintenance of the new system we will save time. The biggest benefit will be improved service to our users. Due to physical limitations on the prior server, users were limited on what they could have in terms of storage location and in terms of performance when working on the network.

What do you think about the IT Pro Momentum Program. I think it is a great opportunity for people. I was well into the process when I stumbled on the opportunity but I think it is a great program. With small companies like mine, there often are not resources to setup labs. It is nice to have all the software and support forums available through the momentum program.

What do you think about the product? I like Exchange. I was sold on the product long before I got involved with this project. With the new system there should be an increase in user satisfaction. Additionally, from a management standpoint, I can delegate administration of some areas to junior administrators without turning over the keys to the farm.

Anything else you care to share? I think with the standardized task panes and the consistent look and feel along with powershell and additional capabilities of automation will be a big savings as we use it more. It has already helped me on one project and having that power available to me is pretty exciting.

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