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Angelbeat’s 10th annual 2009 tour focuses on security, infrastructure and networks. The common themes across all talks are Protecting Data, Virtualizing Platforms and Reducing Expenses. IT Directors, CISOs, Network/Telecom Managers, Infrastructure Architect, Storage/Server Analyst, etc. attend to: 1) hear focused, non-salesy presentations on multiple & related topics by expert speakers, 2) see many vendors in one setting, and 3) exchange ideas with peers. Meals & wi-fi are provided at no charge. Click on a city beow to register and get more details. There is new content on web 2.0 security from Sonicwall, PC management tools to complement virtual desktops from Persystent, data deduplication from Data Domain, virtualization impact on enterprise applications from Oracle, and interoperability between Windows & Linux/Unix/Open Source from Microsoft, and other relevant subjects.  Click the c

  • Boston March 23
  • Hartford March 24
  • Philadelphia March 25
  • New York May 4
  • Baltimore May 5
  • Tysons Corner May 6
  • Fort Lauderdale May 11
  • Orlando May 12
  • Tampa May 13
  • Jacksonville May 14

    Check out the Boston Description... Looks like a must see event series.

    There is a tightly focused agenda (see below) that maximizes attendees’ learning. Angelbeat coordinates 12 expert speakers (from organizations listed to the right) who each deliver a concise, technical and complementary talk tied to security, infrastructure and networking. Common themes across all presentations are virtualizing platforms, protecting data and reducing expenses, delivered in the magnificient Harvard Hall. All content is pre-approved by Angelbeat and prior year attendees to eliminate redundant information. Hear Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber’s short podcast on how the events are structured. Special post-Angelbeat afternoon Microsoft in-depth workshop: Running Linux on Hyper-V.
    7:30 - 8:30: Breakfast, Registration, Product Demonstration
    8:30 - 9:30 IT Security/Compliance
    - Anti-Spam, Spyware detection & elimination, and strategies to protect against blended email/web threats and phishing attacks.
    - Network architecture and defense-in-depth security solutions: optimal combination of VPN, Firewall, IDS, IPS, Anti-Virus
    - Secure remote access, SSL/VPN vs IPSEC, and Network access control (NAC) strategies and options
    - Web 2.0, Peer-2-Peer/IM and social networking security risks and solutions
    - Data leakage analysis and reporting: monitoring data at rest, in motion and/or in use
    - Securing web-based applications against unauthorized access, thereby protecting back-end data
    - Email and file/storage encryption solutions to protect confidential data
    - PCI Compliance/Standards and eDiscovery methodologies
    - PC manageability and security: Automatically patching/repairing/restoring misconfigured or infected desktop’s & laptops thru centralized policy without help desk support
    9:30 - 10:30 Server & Desktop Virtualization, Data Center Consolidation, SaaS, Thin Client Architecture, Storage/Archiving/Disaster Recovery
    - Virtualization capabilities for storage and servers, to permit organizations to simultaneously run multiple applications and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix) independent of hardware platform
    - Data Center cost reduction thru server consolidation, reduced infrastructure/support expenses and lower power consumption
    - Thin client architecture, desktop virtualization, software-as-a-service, and centralized management of PC applications
    - Recommendations for matching devices with end user QoS requirements & data center architecture; running video and other bandwidth-intensive hosted applications still require powerful PC’s
    - Strategies for securing, patching and updating virtual environments
    - Analysis of Storage Technology architectures: Fibre Channel, SNA, SAN, iSCSI - Tiered data storage, management of data-at-rest versus data-in-motion
    - Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity; distinction between backing up & actually recovering data
    - Best practices and recommendations for matching storage platform/hardware with virtualization
    - Data de-duplication issues and solutions for optimal archiving - Email archiving/storage solutions for compliance with HIPAA, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and other regulatory standards
    10:30 - 11:00: Break, Product Demonstration
    11:00 - 11:30: Networks: WAN Optimization, Network & Systems Monitoring
    - Bandwidth management and application acceleration tools for WAN Optimization and data traffic prioritization, i.e. for mission critical transmissions, voice over data, etc.
    - Network traffic analysis to identify performance/QoS issues and track potentially malicious activity
    - Solutions to address WAN vs LAN speed differential
    - Automated monitoring of networks, servers (physical and virtual), applications and edge devices
    11:30 - 12:00: Oracle Linux/Virtualization Platforms and Impact on Enterprise Applications (CRM, ERP, Databases, etc.)
    12:00 -12:45: Microsoft: Running Open Source Software on Windows Server 2008 and a Quick Look at Internet Explorer 8
    You may already know about LAMP, an acronym that stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, but what you may not know is that Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7 also make an excellent platform for MySQL and PHP. The modular design of IIS 7 as well as other changes in Windows Server 2008 makes it easier to support ASP, PHP, and other technologies. Windows provides more choices for open source deployment and delivers the performance you need, while allowing you to leverage your existing skill set. In part two of our session, we will examine some new features in Internet Explorer 8 that may just persuade you to take another look at Microsoft’s browser. IE is in the process of undergoing some pretty significant changes in the areas of reliability and security, as well as making it a low cost development platform.
    12:45 - 1:30: Lunch, Product Demonstration

    1:30 - 2:00: Intel Quad-Core Server, vPro Desktop, CentrinoPro Laptop Platforms
    - Power management, energy savings and improved performance with Quad-Core chipset platforms for PCs and Servers
    - Enhanced performance of enterprise applications such as virtualization  and systems/desktop mgt through new chipset platforms.
    - vPro desktop and CentrinoPro desktop semiconductor platforms for remote diagnostic/trouble-shooting without sending a technician to repair a disabled PC.
    - Desktop mgt solutions including 100% accurate remote patch update & hardware/software inventory compilation without onsite analysis, from a central console
    2:00 -2:30: Cisco Data Center Initiatives
    This presentation will focus on Cisco’s data center initiatives and the integration of networking/storage/virtualization platforms.
    Conclusion of Main Event, Raffles/Giveaways including an iPod and other prizes!
    3:00 - 4:30: BONUS SESSION presented by Microsoft – Running Linux on Hyper-V:
    Microsoft Senior Product Manager John Kelbley will dive into running Linux on The Microsoft Hyper-V Platform. Why would you even want to virtualize Linux on Microsoft’s Hyper-V? It may sound strange, but there are fantastic benefits including reduced management costs and improved backup and recovery. What are the support implications of running Linux on Hyper-V? How can you get the best performance? We will address these questions and more.

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