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I got an email from Technet today letting me know about what is in the kit for my TechNet subscription.  I noticed that it included training courses.  This is something that is not really mentioned much so I thought I would blog about it. Not only do you get a bunch of software, a couple phone support incendents, all the beta code as it comes out, service packs, etc but you also get tons of training.  See below the content in the November update.   If you want to take advantage of all this great stuff, do not forget about the 15% discount that is available on my blog. Discount Code: TMSAM15

What's New in for November?

This newsletter provides updates on the latest software and benefits available to TechNet Plus subscribers. TechNet Plus Direct subscribers can access software and content through the online download portal (Benefits portal). TechNet Plus Single User subscribers have access to the online download portal (Benefits portal) and receive media shipments.

Online content
Information applicable to both TechNet Plus Direct and TechNet Plus Single User subscribers.

Selected eLearning courses available
As part of your TechNet Plus subscription benefits you have access to a set of eLearning courses at no additional charge. These courses change quarterly so take advantage of these training resources while available.

New courses are available:

  • Course 6690: Exploring the Fundamentals of Network Infrastructure in Windows Server 2008

  • Course 6694: Fundamentals of Administering Windows Server 2008

  • Course 6698: Fundamentals of Implementing Network Load Balancing and Virtualization


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