TechNet 2008 H2 Content – All

You can download the PPTX files from TechNet Download Site.  In case you do not have office 2007, you can open the 2007 docs if you install the compatibility pack The PowerShell scripts are attached to the post and the Reference Handout can be downloaded here.

If you have not attended the event yet, you can print and bring with you for notes. Upcoming events are posted here

Dan Stolts TechNet PowerShell Scripts from 2008

Comments (2)

  1. Donna Perez says:

    Thanks a lot.

    It’s great to have the information right after the event.  I can go back and review while it is still fresh.

    Looking forward to the copy of Windows Vista.  

    Donna Perez

  2. Donna Perez says:

    I am trying to install Administrative Tools for Windows Server 2008 on a Windows 32-bit Vista with SP1 update. I need to practice my Group Policy "stuff". I keep getting an error that the update does not pertain to my machine.  Is it because the SP1 was downloaded as an update?

    Appreciate the help

    Donna Perez

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