TechNet Subscription Intro and Discount

Go to the TechNet Subscription Center and use the code TMSAM15 to get your 15% savings.

As many of you know I present at TechNet and other live events around the country (mostly in the northeast). I've found that many of you already have a TechNet subscription and it has become your best friend.  However, some have not found this incredible program so here is your introduction to it... 

Check out what the subscription gives you!!!:

· Full-version software for evaluation - without time limits – including Microsoft operating systems, servers, and Office System software.

· Pre-release versions of Microsoft operating systems, servers and business applications.

· Complete access to a technical information library including knowledge base articles, resource kits, technical training, and security updates.

· Two (2) technical support calls and a 20% discount on additional phone support incidents to help you quickly resolve mission-critical technical issues.

· Unlimited managed newsgroup support and online concierge chat to provide the extra assistance you need to be successful.

· A free subscription to TechNet Magazine with hands-on information for the IT Professional.

See TechNet subscription for more information

New Subscriptions

For NEW subscriptions, from now until June 2009, you can save 15% on any version of a TechNet Plus subscription, yes 15%!! I’m pretty confident that if you try it, you’ll see enough value in it to renew your subscription next year!!

What if I already have a subscription?

Renewals are already automatically discounted, but please enter the code for referral purposes.

Go to the TechNet Subscription Center and use the code TMSAM15 to get your 15% savings.

More useful information...

Return on Investment with TechNet Plus

According to a recent case study, TechNet Plus provided the average business with a savings of approximately $7,095. When you break it down, that's an average of $4,313 saved in IT support, $1,158 saved with software evaluation, and $1,624 saved in IT career development. Find out more.

What Customers are Saying about TechNet Plus

“TechNet Plus saves us a lot of time and helps keep our sanity.”—Renessen IT Department

“TechNet Plus shows us what’s been tried and helps us stretch the idea further for our clients.”—EDS Microsoft Consulting Group

“A TechNet Plus subscription gives our staff confidence because it provides the right answer—and quickly. We use its resources daily, and that’s saved us real money.”—Bill Brower, Network Operations Manager, Monroe County

“With a TechNet Plus subscription, I find a guaranteed answer quickly. And it’s not just any answer—it’s an answer from the people who made the product.”—Jonathan Maltz, Senior Consultant, VisualWin.Com Consulting

Action Item...

Go to the TechNet Subscription Center and use the code TMSAM15 to get your 15% savings.

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