SQL Server 2008 Launch Followup

For those that went to a SQL Server / Windows Server 2008 / Visual Studio 2008 Launch Event, you only have a few more days to register for the released version of SQL Server 2008. To do this, you will have to look at the card that was in your DVD package with the title "Appreciation Voucher for Microsoft SQL Server 2008". There should be a PIN number on the card. You will have to enter this PIN number at the site http://www.SQLServerHeroes.com site and enter you personal information so it can be sent to you once it is released.

Comments (1)

  1. Ryan Russon says:

    Anybody out there have an ETA on SQL Server 2008?  The "heroes" site says they’re shipping 4-6 weeks after release, but there’s no indication that the site has been updated in months.  My version from the launch just stopped working and I don’t want to go to Express.

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