North East User Group Leaders: Where are you?

A message to IT Pro Community and User Group Leaders in the North East United States:

My Blog so far has been me introducing myself to you. Now it it is your turn.  I would like you to ping me with information about your group.  Starting in July I will be holding a monthly conference call for the leaders in my region to have an opportunity to come together and tell me and each other what you are up to.  The agenda will be somewhat loose (at least in the beginning) but I am thinking everyone gets a minute or so to introduce themselves to the group and let everyone know what they are up to and what geographic area they are from and a bit about there group dynamics.  I will let you know what I am up to and talk a little about new technologies and topics that I will be teaching on and events I will be doing in the upcoming month.   We can perhaps put the power of many brains together to solve problems that some of you may be having with your groups and share ideas. It will be a good opportunity for everyone to help each other and promote the different events you have coming up.  It will be an opportunity for you to ask me whatever is on your mind.  I will setup a conference bridge 

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