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    I had a discussion a couple days ago at TechEd with some people about Blogs and what information was "appropriate" for posting in blogs and we were not able to come to a unanimous conclusion so I thought I would do a post and get your opinion. 


    There are two trains of thought when it comes to posting links to other peoples blogs. 


  1. Cons - Do not regurgitate information - Your own information or no information

    1. Your blog should be more than just a regurgitation of someone else work

    2. If someone else has already written it, find something else to write about

    3. A good search engine like will find the information for them when they need it.


  2. Pro - Posting links to others blogs is acceptable

    1. Your blog should pass the information (all information) you think is appropriate to your sphere of influence even if you did not write it

    2. The people that subscribe to your blog may not be a subscriber to someone else's blog so if you know about some good material you should let your colleagues know about it

    3. There is no point in writing on a topic, if you know someone has already done it and they have done a good job. ( do not re-invent the wheel)



    I am  personally of the opinion that posting links to others blogs is an acceptable practice.     An example… John Howard the Senior Program Manager for Hyper-V wrote a great blog How Does Basic Networking Work on Hyper-V. John is obviously smart on the topic due to his position on the product team for Hyper-V.  He has great content with some incredible pictures.  I was planning on doing a blog on this very topic but John did a great job so I do not need to.  Since I "found" the post, I think it is better for me to post a link to it than to ASSume that my readers will find the great posting from John.  It also gives me an opportunity to introduce another really good content creator to my sphere of influence.  I see it as a win-win.  I also believe that there should be plenty of new content as well.  Please give me your thoughts (for and against reposting links to other's blogs).



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  1. John J Ross says:

    I like your opinion on whats good and whats bad.

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