Another Snack to fill you up

So another Exchange 2010 snack has been released for your viewing pleasure! Unified Messaging in Exchange Server 2010 Written By Daniel Kenyon-Smith

Learning Snacks

Learning snacks are short and interactive presentations on popular technologies, see this one for Exchange 2010, more to follow. Take a look at the Learning snack portal for other great presentations.   Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith

7 demos in 7 minutes on Windows 7

If you’re evaluating Windows 7 and need show off some of it’s great new features to management, here is a short and sweet set of WOW factors you can demo in 7 minutes so you get the biggest impact in a short space of time:- Pin your apps to start menu, like Powerpoint, Word or…

Windows 7 Shortcut Keys…tell all your friends

Here is a list of some shortcut keys in Windows 7:- Shortcut Key Action Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow Dock / Undock Win+Up Arrow and Win+Down Arrow Maximizes and restores / minimizes Win+Shift+Up Arrow and Win+Shift+Down Arrow Maximizes and restores the vertical size. Win+P Display Projection Win+X Open Mobility Center Win+Home Minimize all non-active background…

Time is running out!

Quick time is running out before we close the customer preview program for new registrations, so if you want to try windows 7 Beta you better get going Windows 7 Beta Customer Preview Program Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith

Windows 7 and IE 8 browsing session

Having just started to use windows 7, which comes with IE 8 pre-installed, I like to use the tab feature.  With windows 7 you need to select IE 8 will then open the tabs you had in your last session   Written Daniel Kenyon-Smith