Exchange 2010 Q&A

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Planning Mailbox Quotas – Part I

When planning for storage it’s a good idea to categorise users into quota limits so you can plan your storage requirements. This calculation should be done in the High Level Design phase to allow your customer to purchase the hardware. An example of how quota limits might be categorised are shown below:-     Ø …


Outlook 2003 consolidated information

Running Outlook in Online mode ·         Running Outlook in Online Mode moves the IO burden from the client to the server and doesn’t address the disconnected laptop scenario. Network impact and ability to optimize the client ·         Cached Exchange Mode provides intelligent use of bandwidth. This functionality is enabled by synchronizing only headers on slow connections…


TechNet: Recipient management, policies and permissions in Exchange 2007

  Why not come along to my TechNet presentation ‘Recipient management, policies and permissions in Exchange 2007’ at our Microsoft offices in London   AbstractIn this session we will discuss the recipient management model, which has changed since Exchange Server 2003. There are a number of things we will cover here, most notably, how Exchange…


Antigen Manual Download

If you want to install Antigen on an Exchange server that doesn’t have access to the internet to install updates there is a work around, see the steps below:-   Create the UNC Update Folder structure. ·         Create a directory that is named “Forefront.” ·          In the Forefront directory, create a directory that is named “Engines.”…


Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) Exchange 2003 SP2

When using Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) with Exchange 2003 SP2 it is possible to download filters manually and then upload them to the Exchange server. Why would you want to do this I hear you ask, well if you have an Exchange server that is part of a secure network and does not have access to…