Enable a hosted (Personal) Archive for Office 365



Configure the ‘Office 365 Tenant’ Organization Relationship

Get-OrganizationRelationship "Office 365 Tenant" | fl


Run - Set-OrganizationRelationship "Office 365 Tenant" -ArchiveAccessEnabled $true

Start a remote PowerShell session


$LiveCred = Get-Credential

$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri https://ps.outlook.com/powershell/ -Credential $LiveCred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection

Import-PSSession $Session –AllowClobber

Configure the ‘On Prem’ Organization Relationship

Run - Get-OrganizationRelationship "On Prem" | fl

Then enable ArchivedAccessEnabled attribute by running - Run - Set-OrganizationRelationship "On Prem" -ArchiveAccessEnabled $true


Enable user archive

In EMC select the mailbox you want to enable, right click and select ‘Enabled Hosted Archive’


Select Yes to enable hosted archive message ‘The archive will created in the online tenant specified. An archive will be created for ‘MAILBOXNAME’. Would you like to proceed?’

Note the icon changes for the mailbox when the archive is enabled

Login to the user mailbox

Ensure the archive appears in the users profile (either Outlook 2010 or OWA)


Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith

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  1. Dan Kenyon-smith says:


    The archive is enabled to meet your compliance requirements, such as keeping email for 1 year and moving those items out of your primary mailbox and into your personal archive (see enabling retention policies for more details – blogs.technet.com/…/enabling-retention-policies-office-365.aspx).

    The personal archive is only available online, so is not cached to your local .ost file like your primary mailbox. So in order for the .ost file not to grow too large that it will get corrupted (Outlook 2007 for example is 20GB, see support.microsoft.com/…/832925 for more details) you move items out of your primary mailbox and into personal archive.

    You also have to think about the storage on your local laptops and desktops as when you want to start moving items into your personal archive in order to keep the .ost file to a minimum.

    I also assume you are using running in hybrid mode (formally rich coexistence) and looking to have on-prem mailboxes with an personal archive in the cloud?

  2. Ignaurus13 says:

    Under  what conditions should this be done? When should we decide to do this? We have ArchiveAccessEnabled set to false and we are able to enable archives.


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