ServerManager Depreciated?

  ServerManagerCmd is deprecated in R2 (we are trying to move away from that model although it still works) See  (The new command is now Add-WindowsFeature) Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith

Exchange 2010 Q&A

Hi   please Join me at this event to talk about Exchange 2010, you can register here

Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2

Download Exchange 2007 SP2 and see what’s new:-   Deploying Exchange Server 2010 Exchange Backup Functionality Enhanced Auditing Dynamic Active Directory Schema Validation Public Folder Quota Management Centralized Organizational Settings

Combined HT and CAS

Take a look at the new guidance for combing HT and CAS and you can install both roles by running /mode:install /role:H,C (nice and easy) Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith

CCR or Stretched CCR?

Having spoke with a few customers about whether a local CCR and SCR is the best solution or a stretched CCR across 2 data centres I thought I’d write a post. There is no right and wrong answer to that question, in typical consulting style ‘it depends’. There are various factors to take into consideration…

Relocate the ADAM (Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS))

In order to relocate the ADAM database and logs on Edge you need edit the ConfigureAdam.PS1 to update the location of dsbutil.exe as shown below Then for example run:- configureAdam.PS1 –logpath:”E:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TRansportRoles\Data\Adam –DataPath:”D:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TRansportRoles\Data\Adam This will relocate the logs and database to the locations specified Written By Daniel Kenyon-Smith


In Exchange 2007 SP1 the default database cache size is set to 128MB, to allow for better cache growth. The new guidance is to increase the DatabaseMaxCacheSize from 128MB to 512MB (on Hub Transport servers with more than 4GB of RAM) This can be done editing the EdgeTransport.exe.config file as shown below:- More details can…

Transport Rules

Whilst working for a customer they had a specific requirement to apply a disclaimer to all outbound mail e.g. not to apply disclaimers to mail sent to other users within the Exchange organisation. Their requirement also included to only apply the disclaimer if it had not already been applied (or where it contained the same…