Tour Puts Damper on F1 Blog Posts

Sorry folks.  I have not been posting on this blog in the last few weeks as I have been preparing and am now in the midst of the Future of the Desktop Tour, which kicked off this week in Montreal.  It has been hectic leading up to the tour and now that I am in the middle of it so I don't know how much time I'll have to blog about F1 for the next couple of races.  The tour has been going well as is evident by a couple of posts I put on the Canadian IT Pro blog earlier this week:

Future of the Desktop User Group Tour Kicks off in Montreal

What a way to kick off the Future of the Desktop Tour!!

I'll try and put up a post this weekend about the Monaco Grand Prix because it is always a special race, but won't be doing the regular two posts per weekend until probably the Canadian Grand Prix or the US Grand Prix.  Sorry for the interruption.


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