Season 6 of The Sopranos Starts with a Bang – Literally!!

I told you that this weekend had a couple of important milestones for me.  The F1 season is underway and I've blogged about the events of this weekend already (see below).  The other big event was the start of the sixth (and final?) season of The Sopranos, and it started with a BANG!!   If you are not familiar with The Sopranos, check out for all things related to the series, or for a Canadian flair go to  I'll assume you have some knowledge of the series and carry on.... 

For a mob boss Tony Soprano does not need any more enemies since his own family seems to want him dead.  His uncle, Junior Soprano, who is going a bit senile, shot him at the end of last night's Season 6 opener.  Worst of all, this is the second time he tried to kill Tony - the first time with Tony's own mother hatching the plot.  With a family like that, I would be weary of going to Christmas dinner!!

Now, his Mafia family is not much better, though they only die or kill themselves.  Two of his soldiers were revealed last night to be FBI informants. One wanted to quit the life and move to Florida due to spousal pressure and ended up hanging himself when the answer from the big guy was no (I can see a therapy session coming for Tony on this one).  The other died of natural causes after feeding the Feds info for who knows how long!

I'm telling you....things can only get worse.  Let's see how next week's episode turns out.

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