And it’s goodbye from me, for now……

The day has come… is my last day before commencing maternity leave. I will be back but not sure when yet. In the meantime, the IT Pro team remains dedicated to you, and there are several ways you can contact them: The team – Phil Cross –; Ball –;  


Deep Zoom Michael Jackson Tribute

A Microsoft partner,, have produced a Michael Jackson Deep Zoom for MSN, which is currently pride of place on the front of Zoom in on MJ


Happy New Year 2009

Apologies for my lack of posts towards the end of last year. I was in fact off in December getting married and honeymooning but I’m back now and normal service should resume 🙂


The best free TechNet UK swag competition

Alex & I stomped around the exhibition area of TechEd EMEA in Barcelona a few weeks ago collecting all the swag we could possibly squeeze into out suitcases on the way home. Alex ran a competition in the newsletter and the winner of the TechNet swag bag is: 1. …my blue TechNet squeezy from the…


The greatest Tech Sites around the globe

I loved this article on My favourite was the Parkes Observatory – a 64-metre radio telescope in Australia that transmitted some of the first images of the Apollo 11 moon landing to the world.


Water on Mars :)

I couldn’t resist sharing today’s friday funny email:  


50 office-speak phrases you love to hate

 BBC NEWS | Magazine | 50 office-speak phrases you love to hate This has been doing the rounds this week in the office A few of my favourites: let’s touch base about that offline.not enough bandwidthleverage Some other classics we hear in our office: here are your go dosdeep divesuper excited Any in your offices?


Drench your brain

Totally agree with Steve C that the best TV advert around at the moment has Brains from the Thunderbirds dancing to “Rhythm is a Dancer” I wish water had that affect on me!!!! You can watch it in full here:


Red sky at night…..

This is the view from my office window right now. It is actually an amazing red sky but the photo looks like a new dawn is about to be upon us (Reminds me of the Ready for a New day marketing for the Exchange, Vista and Office launch)    UPDATE: I loved Susanne’s response to…


Happy Birthday to me!

Oh how I love my team…..I entered a meeting room today to find that I was being blackmailed into wearing this glorious hat to have a piece of birthday cake