Microsoft Investing in Environmental Sustainability for the future

After settling at my desk this morning and opening up my inbox to review my overnight email, the highlight of the list was an email from Steve Ballmer about Microsoft’s efforts with addressing global environmental challenges by focusing on three core areas: 1) Using Information Technology to Improve Energy Efficiency 2) Accelerating Research Breakthroughs 3)…


New TechNet IT Manager Webcast Series

During this 8 part series starting on 18th March, the IT Evangelists will be taking a look at some of the top technology trends tipped by Gartner for 2009, including Virtualisation, GreenIT, Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing.     Date/Time Abstract Wed 18th March 4pm Virtualisation It’s one of the buzzwords  in IT at the…


When Organisations Implement Something that Makes Sense (and even better when its yours)

Microsoft UK is no different from any organisation at present in its attempt to shave off costs where possible, which can sometimes seem frustrating or insignificant i.e. does reducing the number of sweets available at the reception desks really make a big impact (NB. This might just be a rumour that they are doing this…


Digital By Choice and Virtualisation

This was an awesome post from Emma, our resident Licensing Guru. It’s an obvious choice to give to customers so I am really pleased to share this…… 1) All Volume licensing customers have the option to download products via VLSC, for most of you, this is so much faster than waiting for a disk kit…


Power Management Settings for Compliance and a Reduced Footprint

Great TechNet Magazine from the US here  Microsoft offers a number of solutions that can help IT Professionals reduce the energy footprint of their infrastructure. In this installment of the Sustainable Computing column, we want to discuss how features available in Microsoft operating systems, various IT tools, and system management solutions (such as Microsoft System…


Top 10 tips for green IT

 IT PRO has published a great list of top tips for GreenIT. Interestingly, most should help towards day-to-day cost saving too 1. Teleconferencing 2. Ditch Paper 3. E-documents and online tools 4. Consolidated data centres 5. Virtualisation 6. Home Working 7. Server rooms 8. Desktop rooms and the grid 9. Turn it off 10. Think…


Gartner’s Top 10 strategic technology trends for the next year

Not much of a surprise of what is included in this list, but I would have expected Green IT to appear higher. I would also have expected social networking/enterprise mash-ups to still be in early days of adoption and exploration, rather than in the top 10 1 – Virtualisation 2 – Cloud computing 3 -…


Green compliance

Many companies have been working to reduce their carbon emissions over recent years. Ignoring the environmental benefits, being green makes excellent business sense in terms of reducing costs and meeting customer expectations. However, until now the drive has been purely optional. Starting next year, this will no longer be the case, as new legislation is…


GreenIT and Virtualisation

Watch this short Silverlight video to find out how virtualisation compliments green IT practices that can lead to more-efficient energy use and cost savings.


Microsoft’s Chief Environmental Strategist Introduces Free Power Management Application for Consumers

Also from the Microsoft Environment blog…..Microsoft’s CES Rob Bernard, Verdiem’s CEO Kevin Klustner, and the Climate Savers Computing Initiative’s President Lorie Wigle announced the launch of Verdiem’s Edison, a power management application offered free to PC users around the world! A video recording of the announcement is now available on-line. The video provides a demo…